Release 4

written 25 Mar 2016

Release 4

Today we are proud to release our fourth release. It has been nearly eight months since our first release and this release is now finally encompassing a playable game. The new C++ client is getting quite stable and most of the annoying bugs have been solved. On the server side we have reworked the plugin system and made available a clean API that can be used by plugin developers. This also means that a lot of the content development is now taking place in plugins, you can read more about what’s going on in this blog post or just check out this video.

New features

The Client

  • Reworked chunk loading, all annoying login bugs eliminated
  • Reintroduced visibility of other players
  • Made the player a bit taller and increased the FOV by 10 degrees
  • All clients now share the time of day

The Server:

  • Chunk loading was heavily reworked, removing all auto sending logic with big performance enhancements for block updates
  • Plugin API rewritten in Java and moved to its own project
  • Complete Plugin API Javadocs were written
  • Server now sends time of day to client (based on the real time of day of the server)

Written by Stefan & Petter