Playing Konstructs

Konstructs is a creative game that lets you build and evolve a world constructed from big cubes. If you have played Minecraft or Minetest you will be familiar with the basic concept of this game.

Getting started

  • Download the client
  • Connect the client to (this is the default address)
  • Choose a username and a password

You are now playing konstructs, congratulations!

Finding your way around

You can explore the world using the following, possibly familiar, controls:

  • W moves the character forward.
  • A moves the character to the left.
  • S moves the character backward.
  • D moves the character right.
  • Space makes the character jump.
  • Holding down left shift makes the character sneak, which prevents it from falling of edges.

Use the mouse the change the direction of the character and to look up and down.

The world consist of different block types. Some are solid, some you can walk through and some you can see through. Have a look around!

Interacting with the world

You can interact with the world in three ways. The two first ways are fairly intuitive. Press the left mouse button to damage a block. It will be picked up and put into your belt when it breaks. To put a block back into the world, press the right mouse button. You can select which of the slot in your belt you want to use by using either the buttons 1-9 or the scroll wheel. You now everything you need to know change the world.

Tool sack in HUD

Some of the blocks in the world are not easily found, but can be easily crafted. To craft a block you need to use the small yellow block that you had in your belt already when you joined. This block is your “tool sack” and it can be interacted with in the third way. When you have selected the slot in your belt that contains the “tool sack”, you can press either E or the middle mouse button to open the tool sack. More information on how to use the “crafting sack” and some of the items that can be crafted, can be found here.

Having fun

Now it’s up to you to decide what you want to build, where you want to build it and who you want to build it with. Happy playing!