Crafting is done using a crafting block. On this page the yellow “tool sack” is used. This is part of the core server and will usually be provided to all new players when they initially spawn. To open the “tool sack” select it in the belt and press either the “third mouse button” (this is usually the wheel) or “E”. This is an overview of the “tool sack” and the rest of the HUD.

Tool sack in HUD

Overview of konstructs HUD with open tool sack kindly provided by Henningstone.

To craft something use the crafting area. The result (if the pattern matches a craftable block) is shown in the crafting product area. Click it (with the left mouse button) to craft a full stack. Click it with the right mouse button to craft a single block. The middle mouse button will give you a half stack.

Here are the recipes that comes with the core server running at The server is highly customizable so the receipts may change from server to server.

Note: This page is out of date and needs to be updated. Nevertheless, most of the recipes on this page are still valid.



Turn one piece of wood to two planks.

Dirt snow

Snow Dirt

Combine dirt and snow to get a new block.


Snow Dirt

Konstruct wood from dirt, this will be removed when we have trees.


Snow Dirt

Turn stone to cobble.

Stone Brick

Snow Dirt

Turn two stones to two stone bricks.

White Framed Stone

Snow Dirt

Turn four stones to a nice white stone.

Gray Framed Stone

Snow Dirt

Turn four cobble to a darker version of the white framed stone above.


Snow Dirt

Burn dirt to bricks.


Snow Dirt

Burn sand to glass.