The Start

written 23 May 2015

The Start

We started this game the December 6th of last year, this make the game over 6 month old this day. We started out with just a fork of Craft but we quickly started to turn it to something a little more unique the first week. After that, things slowed down … vacation time was over and both me and my friend was back at work.

I have mostly worked with the client, the build system, CI system and this webpage. It has been a lot of fun and we have done a lot over these five month. We have tried to focus on “the first playable release”, or something similar the last month … working on terrain regeneration, windows builds and this webpage. Basicly package something for you to try, and have fun with.

Is it playable? Yes it is! The game is in some form of semi-creative mode at the moment. You start with nine empty inventory slots, but the first six are magical, new random items spawn in them when all items are spent. Slot seven and eight are normal slots and nine is reserved to spawn threes. These things will of course change when we have invented crafting.


First inventory

This is an early inventory experiment that later become the system we are using today.

Terrain Gen

The "rainbow terrain" is sent from the server looping through all available textures. The clouds and ground is still rendered by the client, the code was not removed at this point. We created this world to test the inventory system.

Terrain Gen

Ugly but advanced, this terrain uses the Diamond-square algorithm to generate a realistic and interesting terrain. This is the one we are using today and is an interesting alternative to the Simplex noise that Minecraft uses.

And finally, we generated this!

Written by Stefan