Release 8

written 19 Nov 2016

Release 8

The big thing in this release is the new light system. The server now calculates light data both from the sky (sunlight) and from blocks that are light sources, like a torch or a lamp. Any block can be a light source and it can have one of 4096 colours (16 levels from each of red, green and blue). This means that caves, tunnels or houses that doesn’t have access to sunlight are now completely dark, so be sure to figure out how to make yourself torches. Light is interpolated per block corner which gives a very smooth lightning effect.

New features

The Client

  • Add support for ambient and block light.
  • Make the main menu a little easier to understand.
  • The F3 debug menu is back.
  • Per corner light interpolation.

The Server:

  • Add ambient and block light calculations.


  • Light stone that introduces light sources and control mechanisms to the server in form of kuantum light.

Written by Stefan & Petter