Release 5 & 6

written 10 Jun 2016

Release 5 & 6

We have been quiet here on the blog for a while, but that is only because we have been busy improving konstructs. Today we created release 6 and then we realized we never posted a blog for release 5.

Release 5 brought a lot of updates to how the world is generated, especially to the plugin API and the plugins themselves. Take a look at the result.

Release 6 was more focused on game play and bug fixes. Now crafting and inventory management is a lot more convenient, allowing management of full stacks, half stacks and single blocks. The player can now sneak around in the world using the SHIFT key. This prevents the player from falling off edges. Network management was also vastly improved now handling different disconnect scenarios without crashing.

For release 7 we will focus on two things. Adding block damage to blocks and adding tools. The block damage is required to take the damage that the tools will do to the blocks. This will make it possible to run servers in more of a survival mode.

You can follow the progress for the client and the server on github.

New features

The Client

  • Reworked networking, client now properly handles disconnects
  • Crafting is improved so that full stacks can easily be crafted
  • Sneak mode was introduced, holding shift avoids falling off edges

The Server:

  • Small changes to protocol due to client rework
  • Server world generator now generates an “empty” world for plugins to evolve
  • Updates to plugin APIs, latest docs available here


Watch the result!

Written by Stefan & Petter