Release 1

written 10 Aug 2015

Release 1


The Konstructing API (like Crafting) is not implemented in the server yet so the gameplay is in some form of semi creative mode (to borrow a term from Minecraft) at the moment. When you spawn you have a almost empty inventory with one sack (like a small chest). If you try to use one of the empty fist seven slots the server will spawn an item for you.

Travel the world and find a nice spot close to the sea, or maybe dig a hole in a mountain? Note that there are no ore yet so do not expect to find something interesting underground.

Closed inventory

When the inventory is closed the currently active block is shown in the lower right corner.

Open inventory

When the inventory is open, both the belt and the inventory are shown. By clicking on a stack and then an empty slot, stacks can be moved around.

New features

The client:


  • Performance improvements to chunk loading/rendering (lag spikes are gone)
  • Instant feedback on block placement to make laggy connections less annoying
  • Add support for inventories and a belt (the hotbar)
  • Huge rewrites and changes to prepare the game for future releases and ideas
  • Chunks are 32x32x32 (Craft’s chunk where 32xMAX_HEIGHTx32), this really removes all height limitations


  • Light sources and signs, both will most likely be added in some form later, they where removed to clean up the code.


  • Support for plugins
  • Send chunks closest to player first and only send chunks that are visible
  • Plugin for managing inventories

The idea is to have a small server core, a stupid simple client that do not know anything about the world and run most of the logic in server plugins. This means that all the logic for the new inventories is done in the server by a plugin!

The future

Our near terms plans include:

  • Extend the server with konstructing (crafting)
  • Extend the server and client to support easy addition of new blocks via plugins
  • Support for placeholder frame blocks while waiting for server response to block placements
    • This makes building easy even when the network lag is huge

Long term plans include:

  • Extend block format to allow: half blocks, smaller blocks, tools and various block properties

Written by Petter & Stefan